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Warehouse Shelves

Let Space | Find it's maximum Potential.

Find Commercial long-term and short-term Space in the UK.
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Simply fill in the form below or search our listed vacant commercial properties nationwide. 

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Decide on the commercial space most suitable for your operational requirements.

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bespoke space requirement?

If you have a specific storage requirement simply fill in the form and we will use our vast network of commercial space providers to find any potential suitors.


Warehousing Space On-demand

We help Companies find storage space on an "as-and-when-they-need-it" basis to help ease the stresses on their supply-chain during peak / seasonal demand, This can range from simple ambient pallet storage to fully serviced space including fulfilment and access to MHE such as forklifts, container ramps and conveyors. 

Access to on-demand storage enables companies to easily scale up their capacity rapidly without all the added fixed cost associated with traditionally leasing a commercial unit such as rent, lighting, electricity, staffing and maintenance costs.

Industrial Specialist Storage 

If you sell goods which are heavily regulated such as Alcohol, Chemicals, Food/Drink or Medicine we can partner with you to help you find accredited warehouse space capable of fulfilling your specialist requirements. Our network spans the length and breadth of the UK and we can find space based on a per pallet basis or by sqft.

How it works
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Warehouse Services

Short / Medium Term Storage
Bonded Warehousing
Outdoor Yard Space
Racked Space
Bulk Storage
Temperature Controlled
Hazardous Storage
Ambient Warehousing

Commercial Retail Space

Finding the right size retail space in a premium location where there is high footfall within a reasonable budget is becoming harder and harder. We help time-pressed company’s find suitable retail space whether it be for small independent “boutique” style business a “pop-up” business requiring space for a short period or a larger company needing a long-term lease. Our network spans the length and breadth of the UK in every major city so we are always on hand to find the perfect space for you.

Coffee Shop

Commercial Office Space

Whether you looking for rural or city based premium office space we can help. Our access to a vast network of commercial landlords with serviced office space spans the entire of the UK meaning we can find you the right sized space with flexible rent durations and terms. 

We can find you shared working spaces with access to facilities such as kitchens, meeting rooms, canteens and working booths with options on utility arrangements such as electric, water and rates included. 

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Commercial Partnerships

If your a business with surplus storage space and want to maximise its revenue potential then we can partner with you.

Request demo
  • What fees do you charge?
    Depending on the type of space and requirements, will determine our fee structure. So for example, if we find a client space based on "per-pallet" then we will be simply add our fee per pallet. If however our client requires a fixed amount of space for a set number of weeks/months/years then we will negotiate a flat fee based on the price per sqft.
  • I belong to a Company which has space, can I advertise it through you?
    Yes definitely. We can post your available space via our social media platforms and send out targeted emails to those companies which match the type of Space you have available.
  • How does Fill Space work?
    We have built up a network or organisations throughout the UK which consist of commercial landlords, 3PL providers and retail outlets that have surplus space readily available to let on short and long term occupancy. We simply receive requests from businesses and pair them with the most suitable provider and simply take a fee thereafter for our services.
  • Is there a minimum volume or term?
    No, we work with organisations which need temporary storage i.e. days to organisations requiring a full scale fulfilment service which they can rely on for years.
  • Can you offer serviced warehouse space?
    Yes if you require a fulfilment service or specialist MHE for your goods we can find a suitable commercial provider which can cater for your requirements.
  • Do you also find commercial space such as retail/shop space?
    Yes, we cover any type of commercial space whether that is general industrial, retail, storage, outdoor or office space. Just send us your requirements and we will get to work immediately. If we cannot find you suitable space then you will not be charged.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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